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Padideh Fazelzadeh

Padideh Fazelzadeh Naturopath Sydney

Padideh is an experienced Naturopath, Nutritionist and Herbalist with more than 9 years of clinical experience in the field of health care.

Her clinical experience started from conventional medicine, specialising in radiation therapy in hospitals. Her career in health care evolved over the years, leading her to work with herbal medicine and nutrition in some of Australia’s busiest clinics for number of years.

Padideh has been exposed to the treatment of thousands of patients all around Australia, responsible for bringing affordable natural medicine both nationally and outside of Australia, various communities within Sydney or the villages in Fiji to name a few.


After completing a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Sciences from University of Sydney and working for an extended period in the Prince of Wales hospital, Padideh expanded her knowledge by further studying in the field of natural medicine and finished a Bachelor of Health & Sciences in naturopathy, in order to learn more integrative ways to treat her patients. Her further studies also included a comprehensive course on Ayurveda which is an ancient science of Medicine from India.


These experiences have given Padideh a unique position in the healthcare field, and a leading voice in caring for body and mind. She is passionate about wellbeing of her clients and sees wellbeing not only in physical terms but also in tandem with the state of mind. She is known for her warm approach, making her clients feel like they are part of a larger family.


Padideh strongly believes that each client deserves a specific and customised  treatment upon every visit, based on their constitution, lifestyle and state of health.

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Padideh Fazelzadeh Naturopath Sydney

During your initial consult we will look at your complete medical history including an assessment of diet, lifestyle and emotional and other factors influencing your condition such as the family history. Subsequently, a diagnosis is made and treatment protocol formulated depending on your condition. We will treat not only the symptom but also the underlying causes. As part of your treatment you will also be prescribed herbal medicine which will be personalised for your condition and illness.

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Padideh Fazelzadeh Naturopath Sydney

Iridology is the study of the Iris inside the eye. The colours, patterns and the structure of the Iris are a reflection of the patient’s various health systems within the body. 

As part of her consultation, Padi uses Iridology to gain a deeper understanding of the patient’s body, it’s vitality and constitution.

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